How Much Does Drone Real Estate Footage or Photo Cost in Seattle?

Maximizing Your Investment with Real Estate Photography

Drone photography and videography have revolutionized the real estate industry, offering stunning aerial perspectives that showcase properties in a whole new light. In Seattle, where the real estate market is highly competitive, utilizing drone footage can help your property listings stand out and capture the attention of potential buyers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the cost of drone real estate footage and photography in Seattle and provide insights into what factors influence pricing, so you can make an informed decision when choosing a professional service.

Factors That Influence Drone Real Estate Footage and Photography Costs

Type of Service

The type of service you require will significantly impact the cost of your drone real estate footage or photography. For example, basic aerial photography services may be more affordable than full-scale videography packages, which often include additional services such as video editing, motion graphics, and voiceover narration.

Property Size and Complexity

The size and complexity of the property being photographed or filmed will also influence the cost. Larger properties, or those with challenging terrain or features, may require more flight time, planning, and post-production work, leading to higher costs.

Equipment and Technology

The equipment and technology used by the drone service provider can impact pricing. Higher-quality cameras, specialized lenses, and advanced stabilization systems can produce superior results but may come at a higher cost.

Licensing and Insurance

Drone operators are required to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate commercially in the United States. Additionally, professional drone service providers should carry liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients in the event of an accident. The cost of obtaining and maintaining these certifications and insurance can factor into the overall pricing.

Experience and Reputation

The experience and reputation of the drone service provider can also play a role in determining the cost. More experienced and reputable providers may charge higher fees, but you can expect a higher level of expertise, professionalism, and quality in their work.

Drone Real Estate Footage and Photography Pricing in Seattle

While prices for drone real estate footage and photography in Seattle can vary depending on the factors mentioned above, the following price ranges can serve as a general guideline:

Basic Aerial Photography

For a basic aerial photography package, you can expect to pay between $150 and $300. This typically includes a set number of high-resolution images of the property, with minor post-processing such as color correction and cropping.

Aerial Videography

Aerial videography packages, which include the capture and editing of aerial video footage, can range from $300 to $1,000 or more, depending on the complexity and duration of the project.

Combination Packages

Combination packages, which include both aerial photography and videography services, may be priced between $500 and $1,500 or more, depending on the specific services included and the scope of the project.

Custom Packages

Custom packages tailored to the unique needs of a particular property or client may vary widely in cost, depending on factors such as additional editing, motion graphics, voiceover narration, and other specialized services.

It’s important to remember that these price ranges are general guidelines and that actual costs may vary depending on your specific needs and the drone service provider you choose.

Choosing the Right Drone Service Provider in Seattle

To ensure that you receive the best possible value and quality for your drone real estate footage or photography in Seattle, consider the following tips when choosing a service provider:

Research and Compare

Take the time to research and compare several drone service providers in Seattle, evaluating their experience, reputation, and pricing structures. Look for providers with a solid track record of delivering high-quality results for clients in the real estate industry.

Review Their Portfolio

Ask to see samples of the provider’s work, specifically in the context of real estate. This will give you a clear understanding of the quality and style of their aerial photography and videography, as well as their ability to showcase properties effectively.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

Ensure that the drone service provider holds a valid Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA and carries adequate liability insurance. This not only ensures their compliance with federal regulations but also provides a level of protection for you as the client.

Communicate Your Needs

Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements to the drone service provider, including your desired output (photos, video, or both), any specific angles or shots you’d like to be captured, and any additional services such as video editing or voiceover narration.

Consider the Value, Not Just the Price

While cost is an important consideration, don’t make your decision based solely on the lowest price. Instead, weigh the overall value of the service, including the quality of the work, the provider’s experience and reputation, and any additional services or guarantees they may offer.


Drone real estate footage and photography can elevate your property listings in the competitive Seattle market, offering stunning aerial perspectives that captivate potential buyers. By understanding the factors that influence pricing and following the tips provided in this guide, you can make an informed decision when choosing a professional drone service provider in Seattle. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert team can help you capture breathtaking aerial footage and photography that showcases your properties to their fullest potential.

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